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Unite to Face Addiction Grant Submission

Thank you for your Unite to Face Addiction grant submission to The Herren Project. Your application will be reviewed by The Herren Project grant review team and if awarded, you will be contacted by a member of the THP team.
Please note, awarded funds must be used on direct transportation costs such as bus rentals, train or airline tickets, hotel accommodations or food procurement to attend the Unite to Face Addiction rally on October 4, 2015. Once awarded, receipts must be presented to release the granted funds for expenditures.
The Herren Project, THP Staff nor anyone associated with THP will secure travel arrangements on your behalf. All arrangements must be arranged by the applying organization who will assume all risks and liability as a result of the transportation selection and services procured.
Grant requests for funds will be reviewed by a committee of five members on a rolling basis until the allocated funds are no longer available.
Thank you for completing a grant application, we invite you to explore the THP web site and learn more about our mission, programs and initiatives.

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