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Taking the first step in the road to recovery can be difficult, especially when faced with securing affordable, quality treatment solutions. Recovery is a process that begins with intervention or entering a detoxification and treatment program and spans your entire life. Addiction is a chronic disease and each step in your recovery is a part of the journey to sobriety.

Areas of Recommended Treatment Include:

  • Intervention
  • Medical Detoxification and Stabilization
  • Inpatient Rehabilitation
  • Residential Treatment Centers
  • Transitional Care / Sober Houses
  • Twelve Step Programs / AA / Support Networks

The Herren Project can help you or a loved one navigate the treatment facilitation process to find effective treatment programs for addiction. The first step is to ask for help or be open to receiving assistance. The Herren Project is not a treatment facilityand does not  provide financial assistance for residential treatment programs.

To start your journey to sobriety, please visit the Treatment Navigation page and a member of our team will help you take the next step. Once The Herren Project completes the navigation process, it is up to the individual and family members to continue on a daily basis to take the steps needed to begin the healing process and embark on a life of sobriety. For a listing of resources and support groups, please visit Resources & Links.