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What’s Your Story?

Our details may be very different, but our experiences share a common thread. We each have a unique voice, and using that voice to share any part of ourselves, any part of our stories, can be a powerful tool for growth and healing.

If you’ve been touched by the disease of addiction in any way, we want to hear from you here. We want to celebrate with you, learn with you, grow with you and support you. We can all do that when we share our stories. Submit Your Story

John’s Story

THOUGHTS ON DISEASE AND RECOVERY I have been a pretty healthy guy for my first 60 plus years on this earth. I have had back surgery, skin cancer and numerous hockey related broken bones over the years, but nothing major [...]

Francis’ Story

My story is like so many others I know in my hometown and surrounding area. My name is Francis and I grew up in Lee, MA in Berkshire County. I’m currently 29 years old, male, and I’m a drug addict. [...]

Nate’s Story

When I was a little boy I was always different in someway I didn’t quiet learn as quickly as others did. I was a boy trying to figure things out on my own but sometimes it seemed so difficult. I [...]

John’s Story

I’m 46 years old from Boston MA. 15 months sober. My drug addiction begin when I was 21. Cocaine is my drug of choice. I snorted cocaine for many years . During the last 10 years my addiction got out [...]

Ryan’s Story

My name is Ryan and I am an alcoholic/heroin addict. My sobriety date is 08/2/2016. For a little over 10 years I struggled with opiate addiction and could never face that actual fact that I was a true alcoholic. When [...]

Brent’s Story

I made a dumb choice at the age of 15 or so….i lost my chances and abilities to play the sports that i loved in basketball and baseball…i was NOT a bookworm…so, i searched for a group that would love [...]

Raymond’s Story

Most people say they remember their first drink and were hooked, I am one of those people. I was 12 when I remember having my first beer I thought I was cool. When I was 15, we moved to a [...]

Michael’s Story

My story is like most so I don’t like to go into that as much because we have all lived that. For me the struggle just seemed like a way to stop the thoughts in my mind because I did [...]

Kerrie’s Story

They said she couldn’t fly.. she said watch me! behind the clear blue eyes the quick, effortless smile there is a coldness to her………….. as if her heart were packed with arctic ice. she hides within her mansion mind like [...]

Scott’s Story

For all my adult life until recently, I’ve been a self-absorbed, somewhat misanthropic, functioning, closet alcoholic. Perhaps the word “closet” is decidedly laughable to those who know me. It’s easy for us to hide in breeding grounds condusive to its [...]