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Portumna Forest Marathon
Portumna, Ireland (2 hour drive from Dublin)
June 9, 2018

The Herren Project is thrilled to offer a magical running experience on the West Coast of Ireland as the 2018 Adventure Runs destination. Join Pam Rickard, THP Runs Director, and a small group of THP Runs adventurers on a running journey through the Portumna Forest. Your registration includes the entry fee covered by THP and there is no fundraising commitment. Please note, all travel and lodging expenses must be covered by the runner.

Race Description:
“Portumna is a small town in the heart of rural Galway on the West Coast of Ireland. Every June, the agility of the wild animals in their natural habitat is mimicked by the ‘best of the best’ of distance runners from all over Ireland. In recent years participants have come from all over the world in their quest to find the ultimate Ultra marathon.

Taking part in the Portumna Forest Marathon is a spiritual experience – while it tests the body physically it soothes the mind in equal proportions. The runners, crew and marshalls blend in with the environment and although there is plenty of clapping and encouragement for the runners, there is a serenity about the place that bows down to the beauty of the natural environment. Everyone talks a little softer and smiles a little wider. When those inevitable Irish rain showers put in their short but frequent appearances, everyone looks up at the rain drops through the leaves and marvels at the reflections of the rainbows in the puddles – appreciating the fact that the rain had a vital role to play in providing such a luscious backdrop for the run.”



Accommodation Recommendations:
Oak Lodge B&B

Podumna Glamping Eco Pod Site

Portumna Chamber of Commerce (direct link to closest accommodation with in 20min)

Pallas Karting (a very thorough and useful list of accommodations)


Race Setting/Town Information:

Portumna Town info:





The Herren Project will sponsor adventure runs annually to provide participants with unique running experiences around the world in various running formats and distances with the goal of bringing awareness to the disease of addiction, hope to those who struggle and to shed light on stories highlighting the power of recovery. Life is a journey…Mountains, Valleys, Tunnels of Darkness and Crossroads are part of each of our stories. Lace up your running shoes and join us as we set out to make a difference one step at a time. THP Adventure Runs.