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Project Description

Rebecca Moxey

thp runs ambassador

From: Wilmington, NC

What do you do for a living?

How did you first connect with The Herren Project?
Charlie Engle was about to run the Icebreaker Run across the US with the team, and we met in Wilmington. He suggested I connect with Pam Rickard, as I was searching for a charity to do my Ironman NC for and raise money for mental health. Pam and I connected and it was sheer joy to find a magnificent new “Family” of recovering athletes, like myself, to join in this fight to help others find sobriety. I did my IMNC in 2016 for The Herren Project.

Who’s one of your running or athletic “heroes” and why?
Charlie Engle and Pam Rickard are my heroes – as they have battled addiction and not only overcame, but have thrived, in spite of it.

What’s your favorite running/race distance?
Sprints to be honest, I am more of a fast twitch athlete.

What are you most proud of?
Training and completing 2 IM events, as I had huge hurdles to overcome. It was in celebration of being 9 years sober that I first took on this endeavor, but I never thought I could get through the training, let alone the day of the event. I suffer with lupus too, and that curtailed any long-distance training I could do for about 5 years. Once it was identified and I started medication, I saw a small window of hope to try and achieve this Bucket List item. I not only did it once, but twice….. I am still striving to do a few more long distance events, but it is hard on my body… but not on my spirit! I continue to learn everyday what real recovery is all about, to strive and thrive, not just exist in being sober. And to SHARE my story so others may find this path.