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Project Description

Pamela Hogue

thp runs ambassador

From: Encinitas, CA

What do you do for a living?
Flight Attendant

How did you first connect with The Herren Project?
My friend, Barb Bowen. She told me she wanted me to run The Boston Marathon for this organization. I first told her “No way I can run Boston with a group I’ve not ever heard of, it’s the Boston Marathon I’m too slow, and I don’t even like basketball”. She repeated, “I want you to run Boston.” About a week later I called her told her I filled out the application; but, she needed to send it! She did. About a week after Jenny Swider called me. I literally dropped the phone. After I called Barb on speed dial it went to v/m & pretty sure I said something to the effect of “OMG! You need to call me now!” And sent a text shaking and tearing. About a week after that Chris Herren & Kevin Mikolazyk reached out welcoming me to the very first THP Boston Marathon team.

Who’s one of your running or athletic “heroes” and why?
Steve Prefontaine! He was not a typical athlete in stature or form; but, he had grit, conviction, passion, went full throttle giving his everything for not only his sport; but, challenged others to always give their best, and had a bit of a cocky edge that, for me, wasn’t arrogance; but, instead it was a deep confidence in himself that told others “think what you want I’ll prove you wrong.” He also fought for US Olympic Athletes. Most people don’t know how he challenged the system that has brought better care for the US team.

What’s your favorite running/race distance?
I don’t really have one. When I have a training run or a race. That “number of mile(s)” I need to complete when I finish is my favorite because I did it. So, my favorite distance is my next run.
What are you most proud of? I’ve been lucky to have some great accomplishments, like running the Boston Marathon and the Badwater Cape Fear 50 miler. I also run a half marathon each September honoring the friends I lost on 9/11 to “name a few.” But, my most proud is knowing I’m living proof that when I made the decision to live me, live sober, magical things happen. I can wear flowers in my hair, dance barefoot in the sand, and conquer every goal with gratitude, peace, and joy.