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Project Description

Mary Caswell

From: North Dighton, MA

What do you do for a living?
School Nurse

How did you first connect with The Herren Project?
Chris Herren came and gave a talk to the students at my school. I reached out to Mr. Herren after the talk he gave and this set into motion a series of events that have helped to save my loved one and my family as a result.

Who’s one of your running or athletic “heroes” and why?
I don’t have a profound answer for this one. I haven’t followed professional running until quite recently but I have lots of local runners that I consider heroes. Currently, when I see that people I know and love have found their path to recovery through running, I am inspired. Now…if I had to name one athlete who I have loved since childhood, it would be Brian Boitano, ha ha! I stayed up late as a child watching the Battle of the Brians in the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics and still get chills watching his Gold Medal performance. As an adult I can look back and see that beauty and strength went hand in hand to create what became a work of art and athleticism.

What’s your favorite running/race distance?
It is ever evolving. Right now I like the 10K. I used to prefer longer distances but I’m learning to find what my strengths are in each distance. I used to hate 5K’s, but then I started to push my speed and found my confidence. I recently did my third half marathon and again- it was about finding my confidence and trusting I could maintain a speed I was still pushing at.

What are you most proud of?
Being a mother of 3 unique smart and strong children. My children looking at me and believing that I am strong too.