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Project Description

Andy Rogers

From:  Port Orchard, WA. After 11 years in Arizona, I recently returned to my home state of Washington.

What I do for a Living:I am starting my 30th year in education. I am currently the Executive Director for Special Education in the South Kitsap School District. I have been a teacher, assistant principal, principal, executive director and superintendent.

How did I first connect with the Herren Project:
My wife Julie connected with Pam while doing the Pacific Northwest Ragnar in 2017. When she came home she shared with me about the Herren Project and signed us up for our first THP run. THP Runs resonated with us because it combined several of our passions; running, recovery and giving back. Being a part of the THP community has enhanced my recovery, given Julie and I a platform to share our recovery and make an impact in the lives of others who struggle with substance use disorder.

Rich Roll. The journey from addiction to Ultraman is very inspiring. Being a ”later in life” runner who found their way to distance running as a part of my recovery I am very inspired by Rich. Living the truth that there are no limits in recovery is what I strive to do with my life. What started as a personal journey for him grew and evolved as he found his tribe and voice in his journey of recovery.

Favorite Distance:
50k, because that is my next frontier in September. Running for me has been a huge part of my recovery journey. It has been a place of meditation and proving to myself that there are no limits to what I can do in recovery.

Most proud of:
The life that I am living in recovery, my incredible relationship with my wife Julie, and the example that I am setting for my 3 sons.