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With over 23.5 million people needing treatment for an addiction, there is an ever increasing lack of treatment resources available for those seeking recovery. From bed availability to what insurance will not cover, adequate length of stay and support is not readily available. In an effort to positively support those taking the steps towards recovery, The Herren Project offers recovery housing scholarships which include recovery coaching services. The goal is to provide those completing treatment the chance to get back on their feet, and transition into their new sober life in a safe and successful way. This affords the individual additional weeks in a more structured environment that they would otherwise have not had. Since its inception in December of 2015, we have seen this program have a significant impact on long term sobriety and success.

To be considered, a person must be an active THP client that has been placed into treatment by the THP treatment team. The recipient must show motivation towards their recovery and allow THP to actively participate in their aftercare planning. All applications are submitted through his or her case manager while in treatment. The scholarship is a 7-week sliding scale and includes payment of weekly rent only. In addition, all THP scholarship recipients are awarded a certified THP recovery coach for the duration of the scholarship. All applications are reviewed by the treatment team on a weekly basis with a maximum award of 5/month. For additional information regarding this program please e-mail

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