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RACE: Cape Cod Ragnar
DATE: May 10-11, 2019
LOCATION:  Hull, MA to Smuggler’s Beach, MA


Our 2018 inaugural Ragnar Herren team had such a phenomenal experience, there was NO question we’d field a team for 2019!

Reebok Ragnar Cape Cod has so many amazing experiences wrapped into a single race, it’s no surprise that this event remains a bucket list destination with our Ragnar Series. White sand beaches? Check. Historical landmarks? Check. Breathtaking coastal views? Check. Chance to make bad chowda jokes? Check.

This year we have some exciting changes including a new course that unlocks even more fabulous race experiences. We’ve got more access to secluded roads and running trails … AND a bigger beach party at the Finish Line. In 2019, we will finish at Smuggler’s Beach with access to five beaches, live bands and local attractions. It promises to be one of our best finish line parties to date.

  • $500 Minimum Fundraising Commitment
  • Herren Project Swag and Custom Gear
  • Registration Fee Paid
  • Complete Fundraising Support
  • Our 6-person Ultra team is already sold out!
  • Limited spots available for our 12-person team


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