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Five Questions With King Philips Regional High School, Wrentham, MA


Q: How long has King Philips Regional High School Been Purple?
Going Purple is a recent discovery for us as we have been purple for a course of five months. Since the beginning, back in June of 2016, we have introduced our community to the benefits of Going Purple and have spread the message of what it means to be a part of the movement.


Q: Why did you decide to bring the Going Purple movement to your school and community?
Our community has been too often struck by the dangers and consequences that follow drug and alcohol abuse. Families and relationships have been greatly affected due the consequences of poorly educating students on the effects of drug and alcohol abuse. Many of us at King Philips have experienced the pain and suffering that addiction can bring to families and loved ones. We came together to bring awareness to a message that is frequently overlooked and not discussed enough among certain groups. With high school being a significant part of entering into adulthood, we recognized the importance of the Go Purple message and the lasting impact the movement would have on the King Philip Regional Community.


Q: What activities are you doing this year that you’re most excited about?
We recently had a homecoming football game where we sold purple wristbands along with purple glow sticks for fans to wear during the game. We were able to introduce the mission of the campaign to our student body and promote healthy decision making during a heavily populated student event. Along with the success of this event, we are especially excited about our purple tree lighting in the center of our regional community. The event will allow for all ages of the community to come together to honor a cause that strives towards breaking the stigma of addiction and promoting healthy decision making to today’s youth.


Q: What advice do you have for other schools looking for ideas to bring to their school and communities?
Our advice for other schools who are looking for an opportunity to spread the Going Purple message is to follow your heart. It may sound cliche, but put aside all of the people who doubt you and choose to point out the negatives of every situation. Focus on what matters to you and strive to accomplish your goals. Even if the message only reaches one person, you are making a world of a difference for them by showing that individual that they are not alone.


Q: Favorite piece of Herren Project gear?
Our favorite piece of Herren Project gear is definitely the banner. The banner acts as a symbol for our school coming together with support to show that we are officially, “Going Purple.”  When displayed, it represents our dedication to raise awareness on the dangers of addiction along with our mission to create a community where students can feel safe in their stance against drug and alcohol abuse. The banner stands behind us, reminding us at every event we hold and attend that we have the ability to create change in our community. We believe that the banner is the most important piece of gear to us because when we begin to doubt ourselves in our ability to empower students to stand up against drug and alcohol abuse, it embodies all of the hard work we have already put in. Everyone may not understand, but the banner will be there to remind us that we can, and will, push us forward to any unforeseen difficulties.