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1.) Why did you decide to bring the Go Purple movement to your community?
I got more involved after hearing Chris speak at our school back in March of 2013. Being local, I always knew his story and know people from Fall River who went to high school with him at Durfee. His story, rehabilitation and desire to help young people was something I could root for. In addition, the message he brought with him when he spoke at our school was honest, relatable and one young people needed to hear. Students were so attentive and in awe of his story. He’s a difference maker! I decided to try and bring some awareness to our school during the annual THP Project Purple week and kept going from there!

2.) What advice do you have for other schools looking for ideas to bring to their school and communities?
Start small but start somewhere. Young people’s decisions to use drugs and alcohol and the opioid crisis don’t seem to be getting any better and we know the crisis is happening everywhere so the more people that get involved, the bigger difference the program will make.

3.) What advice do you have for other schools looking for ideas to bring to their school and communities?
Definitely check out the Going Purple section on the website. It’s so user friendly. Also, read Basketball Junkie as a community and bring Chris Herren to your school.

4.) What’s one of the main lessons you hope to pass on from being a part of Going Purple movement?
The beliefs of the program:
We believe in the power of good choices.
We believe that every child deserves to grow up to be who they are meant to be.
We believe through education and motivation negative peer pressure can be changed to positive peer pressure.
We believe that all students are most impacted and motivated by their peers.
We believe that students seek the truth.
We believe that students have the power to take a stand and make a difference.
We believe that students have it within themselves to take a stand against substance abuse.
We believe that students want to and can make healthy choices.
We believe that students want to show compassion and support one another

5.) How has Going Purple changed your school and community?
Our hope is, as we continue to make people aware of the program and encourage people to make good choices, that students will take the message to heart, make good choices and be themselves. Even if it is only one student, I hope the organization’s message will help them in some way. Also, if some student or former student picks up the mission of Going Purple and continues to spread the message, that their efforts will have some positive impact on others.