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1.) Why did you decide to bring the THP Project Purple Initiative to your school and community?
The Project Purple Initiative is different from hosting Mr. Herren, which we are doing in March 2018. The enthusiasm and need for movement in education, awareness and conversation in our community is huge. There is a large focus on youth to achieve in our community. Whether that focus to achieve is in athletics, academics, theatre, band, math club, etc., the intensity is there and our youth feel it daily. Finding the strength within and helping enable the message of “Be Strong and Be You” and to stay above the influence of others is very meaningful.


2. What activities are you doing this year that you’re most excited about?
The activities are energizing. Our steering committee is hosting a breakfast kickoff meeting with the entire high school staff, community leaders, and business community and student leaders. The ideas the staff mini-steering committee and our youth coalition have pulled together are inspired. A video, “Voices in Our Halls,” will feature stories of a high school student, a staff member and a middle school student telling their stories of what they want others to know is really happening in our school hallways. This video will be part of the breakfast kickoff and will be shown to students as we lead up to our March 6th school wide assembly. This important work is going on parallel to the work of our coalition to make sure we are able to offer resources to our students, staff and parents/guardians as we move forward.


3.Favorite piece of THP gear?
We Mommies love the Alex and Ani Wheel Bangle!!!! The kids are digging the wristbands at the middle school level and sweats at high school!


4. What’s one of the main lessons you have taken away from being a part of THP Project Purple Initiative?
The promise of hope we will bring to our youth. We will not ever know what students are going through from day to day. If this movement positively impacts one youth or one family a month, we will consider this a huge success. We are dedicated to the long-term outcomes of this movement as well as our short-term message and access to resources that may not have been previously know.


5. How has THP Project Purple changed your school and community?