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THP Project Purple Initiative: LORETTA, PA

“It only takes one person to make a difference” is the perfect quote to describe Danielle Gryckiewicz, a student athlete at Saint Francis University!

After attending an NCAA leadership conference and hearing Chris Herren share his story she was inspired to make a difference and to raise awareness on the dangers of substance abuse within her college campus community. As a member of SAAC (Student-Athlete Advisory Committee) she found a platform to share the THP Project Purple message and along with 40 of her fellow SAAC members they collectively decided to turn Saint Francis University – Purple!

Hosting their second annual THP Project Purple initiative launch week on campus, they planned an entire week of events – Purple Style! Events included: Students signing the Go THP Project Purple Pledge, 3 guest speakers, Purple Leis handed out at a basketball game, A Purple Day where the ENTIRE campus wore Purple and the University cafeteria served Purple Food Items!

Danielle’s hope for the future is to continue to raise awareness though the THP Project Purple message. There is no doubt that this young woman has already left her “Purple” mark on Saint Francis University, and inspired others to do the same!