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5 Questions with Dave Costanzo

Lady Falcons Elite Hoops Co-Director in Fallsington, PA

1.) Why did you decide to bring the THP Project Purple Initiative to your community?
Lady Falcons Elite Hoops has been “Purple” for one summer now. Our community is very much experiencing the substance abuse epidemic that is sweeping the country. The school district that we are linked too and the surrounding areas have dealt with many deaths due to drug overdose in the last two years, so we wanted to do something to help spread awareness about prevention. Both of the league directors had seen Chris Herren speak on multiple occasions at Council Rock High School and were both moved by his talk, so THP Project Purple was where both of our minds went to right away to help.

2.) Favorite memory from a THP Project Purple Initiative event you have done?
How many times have you gone to park and seen 50 girls playing pickup basketball? I have lived in our area for over 26 years and I have never seen it before. This summer we had over 100 girls playing summer basketball. We took over the park. Watching our 2nd and 3rd grade girls play in front of an audience of their families and peers was the best part of the summer.

3.) What is one of the main lessons you have taken away from being a part of THP Project Purple Initiative?
I have learned that it is important to stand up and talk about substance abuse. Having a community-based organization, gives you a platform to communicate ideas. It is important that you find a need in your community and to help work towards a solution to that problem.

4.) What’s one of the main lessons you hope to pass on from being a part of THP Project Purple Initiative?
I want LFE Hoops to be a tool to help people going through or affected by substance abuse. I want them to know that they are not alone. By talking about this topic and sharing ways to help with the community I hope people realize that this is not something they have to deal with by themselves. We as a league and their teammates are here to help when they need it. That is a large task to undertake as a basketball league. Trust will take time to grow, but it is something we think is important to provide our community. I hope the girls in our league know that we are stronger together.

5.) Favorite piece of THP gear?
Our purple LFE Summer League jerseys