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1.) How long have you been Purple?

We started our THP Project Purple club just this last year as a community initiative March of 2017!


2.) Why did you decide to bring THP Project Purple Initiative to your community?

I decided to bring THP Project Purple Initiative to Elizabethtown to help raise awareness of what drug addiction is, what it can do to individuals and families and to also show people where they can go if they do need help and resources. I’m in recovery myself, so it meant a lot to me to be involved. We hope to have at least three THP Project Purple events in 2018 and hope to also have Chris Herren come to the area. Plans are in the works!


3.) What advice would you give to others getting started.

The advice I would give to others bringing the initiative to their area or school is to find good people who are as driven and invested in trying to help others as you are. There are a lot of good people in this world and it is a great cause to draw attention too and a lot of people want to help, so get others involved!


4.) Favorite piece of gear?

My favorite gear would have to be my THP Project Purple t -shirt or the THP Project Purple banner I have hanging in my living room.


5.) Favorite memory from a THP Project Purple event?

My favorite part from the event we have done to date was seeing all the people that offered to help show up and give more than I could have ever imagined. The way our M.C also handled all the chaos from having such a large event was also incredible. It was such a fantastic day! You could never imagine how many people, from every background, are affected by addiction. Everyone needs help sometimes and seeing everyone come together was amazing. Cant wait to see what future holds!!