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Falmouth Cares, East Falmouth, MA 


Q: How long have you been Purple?
I have been purple for 9 months. There is a large problem with heroin in Falmouth, and I wanted to make sure kids and teens understand how bad it is for you, so I decided to do my Eagle Scout Project on THP Project Purple. Since I grew up with my biological father doing heroin, I’ve seen first hand how it can affect not just the user but also the families.


Q: What advice do you have for other schools trying to spread the message of THP Project Purple?
One suggestion is that they could have guest speakers who have had personal experience with drugs or a family member who does drugs, along with something fun to keep them entertained and tuned in to the speech. Also, since my initial event I’ve been asked to speak at a few events and set up a table at some local Falmouth events. I really enjoy interacting with and educating kids my age. Setting up tables at events, giving speeches and doing anything you can to get the word out help.


Q: What’s one of the main lessons you hope to pass on from being a part of THP Project Purple Initiative?
Many people have problems with substance abuse. Or, like me, have been affected by it, but are nervous to talk about it. We need to do more to help people not feel ashamed. I want to help stop drug use, and have happy families around everyone. Drug use doesn’t just hurt you but everyone that cares for you. I want to help change that with THP Project Purple.


Q: Favorite memory from THP Project Purple Initiative?
I met a couple that lost their son to addiction at age 32. They read about me and wanted to come meet me. That was very intense for me. Also, although much different, we did a pie eating contest and we had was a blast! Both were very memorable, but in much different ways.


Q: Favorite piece of THP gear?
I really like the t-shirts!